fashion party

  • First dogmatic fashion party specifically designed for the fashion world. Between fashion and party, between live shows and decadence, between live music and drama. Between art and creative direction, between emerging designers and exclusive audience. Between professionals and fashion world, between private and membership. Between subject and object, cognition and culture. Between modern and postmodern, empathy and apathy, unity and fragmentation.

    Brand Story
  • The Ineffable is it’s people. A sprinkle of cutting edge fashion designers and fashion professionals. A drizzle of creative minds. A splash of models, actors, dancers, musicians and singers. In theory a room full of such big characters shouldn’t blend. But it seems that this is Ineffable’s secret, that words alone can not express. Be thrilled in a place that is guaranteed to deliver inspiration, networking and engagement. We must not be isolated. Feel the theatre of fashion.


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